A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Monkey Panic is an anti-stealth strategy game where you must use different monkeys and their abilities to avoid predators and complete levels.

Why anti-stealth? Because the predators know where you are, and will stay hidden as long as possible. Can you find them before they strike?

Monkey abilities are based on their behaviours and anti-predator strategies in real life, as are predator hunting strategies!

Predators will be after you and include pythons, birds of prey, lions and much more! Each hunt in different styles and you must learn their patterns and adapt your strategies.

All the action is driven by a sci-fi plot line – who is this monkey from the future, 'Mac'? And what does he want? Who is chasing him, and will they come after you? And how does a monkey time travel?!


19/09/2016 - v1.01 demo released. Release notes:

  • Added ability for player to skip cutscenes
  • Losing a level now puts player straight back in the level, missing out the cutscene
  • Increased text scroll speed
  • Updated text
  • Fixed bug where pythons normal move speed would be permanently reduced after being hit by soundwave
  • Fixed bug where predators would stay exposed when a primate started eating


MP_demo_v1.01 WIN.zip 35 MB
MP_demo_v1.01 MAC.zip 39 MB